Solent Cash ISA

The Solent Cash ISA is currently closed to new investors, but if you already have one you can continue to pay into it up to the maximum deposit of £6,000. Should the balance exceed this level, any additional sum will be transferred to your share account which is not interest bearing.

Interest rate 1.4%

Deposits can be made by following methods:

  • In cash up to a limit of £1,000 per deposit at our office or one of our collection points
  • By payroll deduction
  • By deposit from a benefits payment
  • By cheque drawn on a UK Bank or Building Society account in the name of the member, made payable to Solent Credit Union Limited
  • By regular standing order (maximum £500 per month, minimum £10 per month)
  • By transfer from an existing Solent Credit Union account.

Terms and conditions: SCU Cash ISA Issue 1