Engage Prepaid VISA Card

The Engage account is a prepaid card account that works like a basic bank account. You can use your card to receive your wages and benefits, shop on the high street or online, pay bills, set up standing orders and withdraw from cash machines.

Engage card


  • Easy application – no credit checks
  • Use your card to receive your wages or benefits, pay bills and set up standing orders
  • Load money onto the card from your credit union or bank account
  • Use your card in shops or online, anywhere that accepts Visa
  • Withdraw cash from almost any ATM in the UK (75p fee applies)
  • Cashback rewards of between 3% and 15% on your shopping at popular stores including Argos, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Toys ‘r’ Us, B&Q and many more
  • Mobile app (iPhone and Android) allows you to manage your account from your phone
  • Monthly fee of just £2

The Engage Card is operated by Contis Financial Services Ltd and is available exclusively to Credit Union members. Full details can be found at www.engageaccount.com.

Solent Credit Union members can apply at our main office or by post using the Engage Classic Account Application Form.