We offer affordable loans from £100 to £7,500 to borrowers across the community, and will consider loan applications for any reasonable purpose. Our loan rates range from 1% per month (APR 12.7%) to 3% per month (APR 42.6%) depending on the amount borrowed and your credit history – we never charge more than this, even on small loans.

You can pay weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or monthly, whichever suits you best. There are no set-up fees or hidden charges, and you can repay your loan early at any time with no penalties. We also encourage you to save alongside your loan.

Our three different loan categories are shown below. Click on the icons for further details.  Details of of how to apply can be found here.

Select Loan

  • Loans from £1500-£7,500
  • Interest rate 12.7%  APR(£5000 or above)
  • Interest rate 19.6%  APR (£3,500 or above but less than £5,000)
  • Interest rate 26.8% APR (£1500 or above but less than £3500)
  • Good Credit History
  • In Regular employment
  • On the electoral roll
  • Can easily meet repayments

Express Loan

  • Loans up to £1500
  • Interest rate 42.6% APR
  • Reasonable credit history – No CCJ’s, maximum/maybe one or two missed payments in the past.
  • In regular employment (not self employed)
  • Outstanding balance of <£200
  • Can easily meet repayments
  • Member of the credit union

Standard Loan

  • Loans up to £5,000
  • Interest rates from 12.7% up to 42.6% (click on icon for details)
  • We don’t have computers make our decisions for us. We look at every case on its own merit. If you have had genuine financial difficulty or struggled to get credit elsewhere we may be able to help. But we have some simple rules.