Solent Credit Union – Why would you donate?

Many of our members in this social purpose cooperative institution are not in a position to benefit fully from mainstream banking and our loans are often their only option before resorting to high-cost credit from payday lenders, home credit providers or loan sharks.  We take care when offering loans that they are affordable to the borrower. More information here.  We need your ongoing support to achieve our goals of being available to help members in their hours of need as well as provide support to future members.

Our Finances

Our income comes from three main sources:

  • Loan interest paid by our members
  • Grants – eg from Southampton City Council
  • Third party Donations

In 2018 we were extremely grateful to receive £36,341 in grants and £27,794 in donations. 


This year, to 31 July, we have already received in £7,272 in donations and c£8,000 in grants. We would like to thank those members and other supporters who have already made generous donations, and also thank Southampton City Council for their grant.

We NEED donations so we can continue our valuable work.

If you would like to support our ongoing work within the community with a donation please click here:

Should you wish to make your donation by transfer from your share account, please contact
023 8000 2018
(Please note that any such transfer from your share account will no longer be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme).