About our Directors

Directors are elected by the Membership and are “Approved Persons” through the Prudential Regulation Authority. Directors can be co-opted to the Board between General Meetings. The Directors are legally responsible for financial and operational governance, policies and planning of the Credit Union. Operational activities are undertaken by staff and volunteers. The Directors elect from within their number the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Compliance Officer and any other posts the Board creates.


Directors of Solent Credit Union are:-

Name Year elected to the board Position
Eugene McCann  2014 Director
Lesley Gilder  2011 Director
 Chris Moody  2011 Director
 Iain Messenger  2016 Director
 Nicholas Ridge  2017 Director

Supervisory committee

The members of the Supervisory Committee are:-

Name Year elected Position
Andrea Allam  2008 Chair
Peter Barnas  2008
Mary Davenall  2014
Maureen Baldock  2016