Become a Director of Solent Credit Union

We are looking for active people who would like to apply their expertise to support the community by becoming a director.  You could be in mid-career, volunteering or retired. We welcome everyone with the right skills equally regardless of ethnic origin, gender, social status or age.

At present we are particularly looking for people to help us as:

Solent Credit Union

We are a community organisation which operates on a not-for-profit basis. We aim to help people in our area who are financially disadvantaged as they do not have full access to the mainstream banking system, or do not have the knowledge to manage their money effectively.  We serve our members by:

  • Encouraging and facilitating saving so that people have a little put by for unforeseen crises
  • Providing responsible lending at a much more affordable rate than payday loans
  • Educating people to budget and learn how to live within a budget. 

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Where we serve

Solent Credit Union serves people who live or work in the New Forest, Test Valley, Winchester, Southampton, Eastleigh or Fareham area. Funds that are contributed from members’ regular or one-off savings are lent to members who need a loan.

People can apply to become members and to save or take out a loan face-to-face with an authorised volunteer in their workplace or elsewhere, by mail, at the Head Office in Southampton or online at

What does a Director do?

You will be a member of the board, sharing the Board’s responsibility for overseeing the strategic development of the Credit Union.  We are a small organisation run by volunteers, so directors work actively in the role they take up.

What difference will you make?

We are a community organisation governed by volunteers but that needs to run on a full professional basis.  Your involvement will help us support people who need our help.

What’s in it for you?

You will be part of an organisation with a strong social purpose. You will gain experience in a different field of endeavour, of working at board level in an organisation, of working with other volunteers with a range of disciplines and backgrounds and in developing your own area of expertise in service of a great social purpose.

How much time would it take?

Board meetings (maximum two hours) are held each month in Southampton, and clearly there are preparation and action requirements.    Board members participate in planning and running the organisation. Much of our work can be done remotely by email and phone, so it should be possible for someone in full-time work to participate with a bit of time-flexing.  Commitments vary, but four hours a week would probably the minimum needed. 

More information?

SCU website:

Email with a little information about yourself, and we’ll arrange a chat. Credit Unions: Local community savings & loans.

Credit Unions sourcebook:

How do I apply?

Please email with a CV or a summary of your experience  and what interests you.

New Board members are voted for by the members at the AGM in June, but the Board can co-opt members at any time.  We would normally suggest a 3-month trial period as a volunteer.